There are basically two ways of using wattle seed flour: either as a flavouring agent in conventional cooking, or as a basic food staple in itself. Here are a selection of recipes which I have developed for my own use and palate, which tend toward the latter use. There is a great opportunity for experimental cooks to extend this range.

-Wattle Seed Anzacs
-Wattle Seed Pikelets
-Cootamundra Cake
-Cootamundra Bread
-Wattle Seed Fruit Crumble

Extra liquid may need to be added to these recipes as the proportion of husk in the wattle seed flour, which has properties similar to Psyllium husk and absorbs substantial amounts of water, varies considerably. In addition, the longer the mixture stands, the more water it absorbs.

These are an excellent addition to those special days on the Australian Calendar, such as Australia Day, Anzac Day and -yes- Wattle Day.


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