Qualabert IndigiScran is establishing a trial cultivation of a number of promising wattle species in mixed silviculture in the South West Slopes area of NSW. Nearly all wattle seed suppliers currently collect from the wild, or from trees established for land rehabilitation, windbreaks, parks, gardens and reserves.

IndigiScran has supplied the local gourmet and health food markets since December 2002, initially with seed collected from the wild, and within a few years will have a mixed silviculture product with the aim of organic certification.

The harvesting and processing of wattle seed is highly labour-intensive, having changed little from the hunter-gatherer era, a fact that limits the supply and keeps the price quite high. IndigiScran is developing machinery to facilitate these operations, which should contribute to a more plentiful supply and to a more competitive and stable market once the development costs have been recovered.

IndigiScran welcomes expressions of interest from quality gourmet and health food retailers, bakers and restaurants, in making this truly Australian product more widely available.


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